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This guide will demonstrate you how to get Schematica working for you so you can more easily build farms on the server 

This will be a step by step guide and if you follow the guide properly you should be able to get schematica up and running in no time


The first step of this guide is to close your minecraft and download forge for the version of minecraft you use ( I personally play on 1.12.2)

Edit: Iv been told that Schematica Only works for 1.12.2 so make sure that you are using 1.12.2

You can download forge here: 


Once you have forge installed you can now proceed to download mods.There is plenty of mods out there that might fit your needs but we will be focusing on Schematica.

To download Schematica you will be needing 2 mods,the first one being Schematica and the Second Being Lunatrious Core.(Make sure you download it for the version of minecraft that also matches your forge version)

You can download Schematica here:

You can download Lunatrious Core here:


Now that you have Schem and Lunatrious core, you need to drag them into your .minecraft mod folder.There are 2 easy ways to get there.

Way number 1:Open up minecraft and open your ressource pack folder you should be able to do that by going into your settings,Finding ressource pack, and than click the open ressource pack folder.Once you are in the ressource pack folder go back one folder and you will be in your .minecraft.From there find the mods folder and drag Both mods that you downloaded inside of it.If you cant find the mods folder you can easily create a new folder and name it mods it will do the trick.


Way number 2:This way is in my opinion a bit harder but works just as fine.In your windows search bar type %appdata% and open up the only option that shows up.In that file find the .minecraft folder and open it.Than find the mods folder and drag the mods you dowloaded inside of it.If you cant manage to find the mods folder you can always just create a new folder and call it mods and it will work fine.



Now that you have schematica and lunatrious core installed you are ready to lauch minecraft with your newly acquired forged version.



Once minecraft is opened in your settings youll want to find controls and at the bottom you should have new keybinds for schematica.

The 3 important ones are: Load Schematic,Manipulate Schematic and Save Schematic.Feel free to set whatever keys youd like for those or even more if you want to easily acces more of the mods keybinds.(Mine are set to END for load,DOWN for Manipulate and NEXT for save and i also have toggle printer set on P)


Now that you have everything up and ready you can start saving schematics of the builds you like or Load ones that you downloaded,But to be more efficent you will need to go in your mods settings.You can find mod settings when pressing escape.In the mods settings you want to find schematica and go into configs.In printer,you want to set the settings to the following:


This is a bonus step for those of you who would like to download schematics.To do so you need to go back to your .minecraft folder and find the file called schematics.If there isnt one yet you can go in game and create a schematic and it will appear.

Once you have that done download whatever schematics you want and drag it into the schematics folder.(Rename it to something you will remember if its not already).Than in game you should be able to load that schematic


I hope this guide was helpfull to some of you and If you couldnt manage to download it and need extra help Feel free to message me on discord (Chessy#2976) and I will do my best to help you in my free time.

Have a nice day and seeya soon on the Ilses :D 




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