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Hello everyone! Today, I thought I should go through some of the changes that are happening to Lavish Isles behind the scenes, the September Vote Top winners, and what's happening this October.


SEPTEMBER VOTE TOP WINNERS Last month we had 3 winners, all with immaculate vote records!

  • Moveslikemonky - £20 Voucher
  • 9itachi9 - £20 Voucher
  • Patrickh99 - £20 Voucher

Congratulations to these people, contact me on the forums or via discord for your prize! Note: These prizes are in £, not $ read on to see more about that.



One of the not so behind the scenes change is that our store has had a complete revamp. It's much cleaner, so finding information should be much easier.

  • We've reverted June's currency change to $USD, back to £GBP. The Pound is a good midway between Dollars and Euros and is in a better place than when we decided to switch to USD.

View our New Design here:



We start planning our next season as soon as a season releases. There's a lot that goes into a new season of Lavish Isles - which is usually why we don't release updates to the ongoing season throughout. Going forward, we do want to look into updates through the season that are more than just bug fixes. It can be very technical though, so no promises I'm afraid. For Inferno's season we did release leaderboards after-release, which turned out well. Back to the topic title. We've taken the decision to bring Lavish Isles back to a single-realm system. Our two-realm system was quite complicated to new players who assumed both realms run at once - which was, most of the time, incorrect.

In July, Arctic's 3rd Season ended.
Soon Inferno's 3rd Season will come to a close.

  • Next season will be called "Skyblock Season 4"!

We'll be working out the logistics for purchases on our store for individual realms to be worked fairly.

Here are some of the things you can expect to see in Season 4:

  • Robots - Minions that work 24/7 with a TON of new features!
  • A Fully Reworked Economy... - Heavily Balanced to last much longer
  • ... featuring Banks & Island Banks
  • Interesting & Rewarding Progression Systems
  • A new, much more flexible Crate System

That's all I'm going to say for now! I'm very excited to showcase all these new features to you, at a later date.

  • We expect Season 4 to release late-October

However, any major delays could push it to mid-November.
We expect more bugs on release than previous seasons, as we've undergone huge changes. These bugs shouldn't affect the economy however.



Earlier in September, Vemo resigned from our staff team - he was Staff Manager. I've decided to take the Staff Manager responsibility on myself, and I've allowed more of the staff to get an insight into your applications. Some of the things I've done so far:

  • Improved Staff Guides to include more details about Repeat Punishments
  • Reworked the Reason System for Repeat Punishments: e.g. Automining I, Automining II
  • Moved Staff Applications to the forums so there is more flexibility in creating a staff application + improved the questions to give better results


  • New Applicants will be considered for Trial-Staff roles
  • Existing Trial-Staff will be promoted or demoted




That's all for now.

Thank you for reading!

- Lander

Owner of Lavish Isles

5 months ago

Sorry for the late reply.

If you are accepted we'll contact you. We usually read through staff applications and make changes to the staff team just ahead of season starts or at the beginning.

Watch our Discord for that sort of news. 🙂

- Lander

5 months ago


Welcome to the forums 😁

- Lander

5 months ago

If you've never applied before, or believe your current application may not get you accepted, we're giving everyone a fresh chance to apply.

We're now accepting applications through the forums in the Staff Applications section:

You must have an account on the forums, that is verified, to see this area of the forums!

All you need to do is click New Topic then the whole application will be visible to you. Once you're done just submit it.

Applications are private, despite them being on the forum - no-one except Managers+ can view them!

We've also ensured that sensitive information is less of a requirement in our applications and have rewritten many questions to aid you in writing the best application you can.

Note: Applications through Google Forms may not be considered if they were created before August. Please recreate them if you still want to be considered. We're looking forward to seeing your applications!

Thank you,
- Lander
Owner of Lavish Isles

5 months ago

Hello there!

Welcome to the Lavish Isles Forum!

We hope you will join in this new aspect of our community, and use the forum as a tool to build friendly relations with other users.


6 months ago