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Hi and welcome to Lavish Isles. Seeing as though it's your first time joining, let me write you a guide on how to get started on Lavish Isles and earn your way to becoming is top 1! There's quite a few ways to get started and i'm gonna tell you a few of them!

Some ways of making money include voting, skills, gens, robots and more!


When you type /vote, you are greeted with a link that sends you to a page on the forums with a list of voting links you can use. There are 6 different links to vote on and each vote gains you 5 crate shards, 500 general XP, 1 casino coin, 7500 EXP and 10,000 coins. By voting on all 6 links, you earn a total of 30 crate shards, 3000 general XP, 6 casino coins, 45,000 EXP and 110,000 coins.

You can use your casino coins at /casino to try and earn yourself some extra money or by selling them on /ah for money. Crate shards can be used at /crates in exchange for various different tiers of crates which can earn you a lot more money!


Skills are an essential part of Lavish Isles as they help you to further progress in the game! You can see what skills you need to upgrade and what it takes to level up your skill level by typing /skills. In the skills gui, you can view all the skills available in the game and what you need to do in order to level them up. You can level up your FARMING, FISHING, LOGGER, BRAWL and MINING skills at /spawn instead of having to build farms on your island. Each skill level gives you a reward for levelling up that skill which includes coins and crate shards.

Another way to quickly level up your skills is with FlexiXP. FlexiXP is a special type of XP that you can obtain by either using kits or through /buy. FlexiXP can help to level up your skills quickly if you have enough of it. You can exchange 500 FlexiXP for a certain amount of skill xp, depending on what skill you want to level up.


There are 5 types of generators that you can obtain throughout the game in order to make money: COPPER, ALUMINUM, SILVER, COBALT and PLATINUM. Each generator requires you to be at a certain skill rank to buy them but you can use them freely if you obtain them from /ah or from a player selling them in game!

Each generator item sells at a different amount of money depending on what one you have. You can upgrade your generators to generate more items but at this stage, you want to stick with the default generator rate until you have a steady income. Each generator takes roughly 12 hours to generate items and you can sell these items through /shop. If you have enough generators on your island, you can obtain yourself some extra steady income while you focus on other aspects of your island!


As a new player, the main robot you want to focus on is the OREGEN robot. The Oregen robot is a cobblestone generator that is built inside of itself. You can collect the ores that the robot generates and sell them for money through /shop. You can also earn normal exp with this robot which will help you along the way. You can upgrade this robot to make it more efficient and to mine better ores. All robots come with an autosell feature which is really handy for the Oregen robot as you can earn an income while being AFK on your island! 


Thanks for reading my guide! I hope this helps any new player along the way and maybe even some older players. If i missed anything important, please let me know and i'll add it to the list! Theres obviously many more ways to earn money but these are some really good ways for starting players! Enjoy your adventure on Lavish Isles!

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