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Although I'm not new to the community, I thought I'd introduce myself so newer players can more easily get to know me and what I'm about.

My name's Adam, but peeps call me Vemo due to my in-game name being VemoWasTaken.
I'm 19, and I'm from Sweden but I do speak decent english though (with some mistakes here and there).
I'm also quite socially awkward, so don't expect to see me in any voice calls.

My hobbies are gaming and movies/TV-shows.
My favorite games are Minecraft and Counter-Strike:Global Offensive.
Favorite movies are either the Harry Potter series (grew up on those movies) or the John Wick movies.

My current position here at LavishIsles is Staff Manager.
I mostly read staff applications and handle reports against our staff team, as well as moderating the in-game chat and helping players when they need it.
I started my journey on LavishIsles during the beta for the first season after another player from Lander's previous server messaged me about it, and I loved the community it started gathering so I haven't left since.

I'm not very good at this stuff, so I'll end it here.
If you have any further questions, feel free to ask me in the comments or message me on any platform (Forums, Discord, In-Game).


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