- Lavish Isles -

Our Rules


Hacked or Illegal clients of any sort are not allowed, scripting is also banned.
Allowed Clients:
- 5zig, Labymod, Badlion, Optifine, Console Clients, Liteloader, TabbyChat, Schematica (see below for Printer rules), Shaders, Replay Mod, StatusEffectHUB, ArmourStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, bsprksCore
Always ask a staff member before using anything other than these clients.


Please ensure any auto-reconnect clients are on a slow delay.
Blacklisted Clients:
- Any Hacked Clients including but not limited to: Huzini, Jigsaw, Wurst etc
- Ghost/Injectable Clients including but not limited to: Vape, Flux etc
- Scripts and Autoclickers of any kind (Includes Macros)


Please respect our players, server and staff team.
Staff Disrespect:
Our staff voluntarily help players, and will punish you if you don’t abide by our rules.
Rules are there to create a better experience.

Player Disrespect:
You must respect all players, as they should respect you. Don't make sarcastic comments or mock others.
Example: “Crap PvPers play 1.9”

Server Disrespect:
We all have our opinions on how the server should be run, but keep them to suggestion tickets and/or the Lavish Isles Feedback Centre Discord. This rule is mainly for comments who want to reverse long-term changes, that are done in the long-term interest of the server. Punishable if repetitive.


Do not discriminate against other players.

Example: “Asians aren’t allowed on my island”

Do not use alts for anything other than afking, chatting and teleporting.
An alt (An account you use that is not your primary username) cannot be used to bypass timers, claim kits/keys, transfer money or anything other than afking, chatting and teleporting. Misuse of extra accounts is classed as Alt Abuse and may result in you losing permission to use extra accounts or a punishment on your main account. There is currently no alt limit in place, but botting is not allowed and you may be asked to log out of accounts if you’re using them irrelevantly.

Shared accounts are your responsibility.
If you lose access to an account, for example that is shared on a website or from a friend, we will not recover any items, currencies, or move any store purchases from the account lost.


Please do not flood public or private chat with messages or flood chat with miscellaneous characters/symbols.

Example: “1ubuiwdug81g2boubudg”

Do not intentionally create lag using bots or machines.
If you’re using more than 64 Redstone Torches, or pistons are being extended/retracted more than 3 times within 10 seconds, then message a staff member before continuing. The design of your redstone could cause lag if expanded.
Botting the server is not acceptable and punishments will be made against you.


Bullying and/or harassment is completely unacceptable. Contact a member of staff if you feel threatened by another player.
Example: “I will visit you IRL and beat you up.”


Do not steal, scam or grief other players.
You’re only allowed to take what is yours, even if you are the owner of an island. Whoever places it, owns it if the value of the block or item is above 50,000 Coins in-game money. However, if you invite someone to an island with a main purpose of adding wealth - you must not mislead them using this rule in order to retain the wealth for yourself and hastily remove them from the island after you’ve placed their wealth.
In other cases there are measures in place to prevent griefing, and in the event of a griefing or robbery, our main source of evidence will be from block logs, container logs and command logs to paint a picture of the full events. We recommend keeping Robots on separate accounts and using separate stacks of spawners for separate players as this means identifying a player’s resources is clear to staff members and yourselves if your island is to split - if you don’t do this your resources may end up with another person.


Do not beg for free items, money or ranks from others.
Repeatedly asking for free items, money or ranks.
Example: Can I have some money”


Casinos are allowed but have to be accepted by staff.
To run a casino on your island, it needs to be approved by a helper or higher before other players can play on the casino.


Do not advertise websites, servers or online services.
With the exception of search engines such as Google and our own services such as the Lavish Isles website, discord and this rules page.
Example: “Join my discord server! discord.gg/uthNVdH”


You must act on a staff member’s requests, regardless of their role.
If you have an issue with a staff member’s actions, or if one is acting irrational, please contact server owner: Lavish Isles#5942 privately on discord with evidence.


Do not attempt to impersonate staff, owners or other players.
Impersonating a player may result in you losing permissions to change your nickname or being banned from speaking in the chat/channel you offended in, such as a DiscordPro channel or Minecraft Chat.


Nicknames must be appropriate, relevant and must not impersonate.

Example: DrTardisJediWolf wouldn’t be able to call herself “Lander”, but she would be able to call herself "Dr".


Bots, Auto Clickers and Macros are banned.
The use of bots and automated clicking is not allowed. However, chat macros are allowed when used sensibly. This includes any form of automatic farming or mining!
Our process for checking if you are not present is

Step 1) Attempt to chat to you
Step 2) Attempt to disrupt your screen using our own character
Step 3) Attempt to disrupt your screen by teleporting you to different locations. 

If these are tried and you fail these tests we will punish you. Please be aware of this process if you are doing something on a phone or other monitor as we will assume you are not present and this could result in a ban.

Do not exploit bugs and/or glitches.
If you do come across a bug, glitch or something you think is wrong then report it by opening a ticket on discord in #tickets or let a staff member know.


IRL Deals are not allowed, Store/Buycraft Deals are allowed.
IRL Deals are not allowed, only Buycraft deals are.

Banned Example: “Selling my Island for $10 PayPal” or “I’ll buy you fly for a $10 Steam Gift Card”

Allowed Example: “I’ll give you $25 million in-game for /fly on the store”

IRL Deals may result in a reversal of traded items and punishment.

Using Printer is allowed for Building, but not for Farming.

You may use the mod Schematica to give you guidance on where to place blocks.
You can use Printer for casual builds but you may not use it to create farms or
gain Skill XP.

Recommended: Don’t use instant place or break and we recommend 1.12.2 Schematica.

Do not break/place blocks repeatedly to gain Skill XP.
We may reset the affected Skill progress if you exploit this.


A team may not split to take multiple Island Top places or to gain extra wealth.

We will not count any islands that take part in anti-competitive activities such as running/funding any other island with resources (to gain additional prizes, if available).

We do checks on Island Top winners to ensure that they are not cooperating with each other, any islands found doing this will be disqualified of winning a prize at our discretion

If as a team you decide to split up into separate islands in the first half of the season, you may not rejoin together if you believe it could have an affect on the island top position of the island that is being used to rejoin, without explicit written permission from a Moderator or higher.

If you aim to claim an island top place at the end of the season, legitimately, we recommend you refrain from adding/removing members of your island frequently to remain legitimate.


Do not purposefully avoid fees set on Coin transactions between players.

Check with a Staff Member before accidentally avoiding any sort of fee.

Only alts are allowed to be trusted members within an Island Team.

You may only give the trusted role to alts or staff members within an Island Team.


Try not to use public chats to report bugs, please direct them to Discord Tickets.
Please don’t leave bugs in public chat where they'll be lost, we prefer you use tickets so that we have a log of the problem and can co-operate to fix the issue.


Don't spread negativity, or toxicity - keep it fun
Don’t join the server with the intention of spreading negativity.

Constant negativity could lead to a punishment.

We want all our players to have the best possible time when on Lavish Isles, if something terrible happens, aim to rebuild yourself, learn from it and be stronger rather than be disappointed.


Last Edited: 22nd January 2020